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Tanya is a 19 year old Content Creator and Internet Personality from British Columbia, Canada. On her YouTube channel, ASkylitAvenue, she has been uploading vlogs, skits, challenges, collabs, cooking, and uplifting videos since December of 2011. Throughout the year, Tanya attends YouTube conventions to meet her fanbase and collaborate with other YouTubers in Los Angeles, California.

She currently has 25,000 subscribers, and 3.5 million total views on YouTube, with a total following of 80,000 across all of her social media platforms:

Vlog Channel: 2,000

Tumblr: 25,000

Instagram: 11,700

Twitter: 10,300

Facebook: 5,300

Vine: 1,000

Tanya currently attends post secondary school, studying Digital Video Fusion Production, where she will be graduating with extensive knowledge in professional high quality photography and videography. Prior to post secondary, Tanya was self-taught how to operate a DSLR, use editing programs, and how to market herself on the Internet.

Second Channels

On October 15th, 2013, Tanya created a new channel, VlogAvenue, dedicated to vlogs and videos that didn’t make it onto her main channel. So far, the channel has 25 videos and 2000 subscribers.

On July 21st, 2013, Tanya auditioned for a collab channel (SimpleCollab) which was created by fellow collab-mate, Simon Karterud, who she is now great friends with. Sometime later, it was announced that Tanya made it into the channel, and would upload every Tuesday.

On August 27th, 2013, Tanya posted her first introduction video on SimpleCollab, where she beat her own record of saying the alphabet backwards in 2.2 seconds. The channel currently has 1,500+ subscribers and 65,000+ total views. The channel ended sometime in March of 2014, but Tanya, Simon, and Mitchell are planning on creating a new collab channel together in the future.

Where It All Began

At 11 years old, Tanya was very introverted, shy, and unhappy with her life. One day, she discovered a social media platform called YouTube and her entire life changed. She watched YouTube Content Creators, ShaneDawsonTV, Supermac18, and JennXPenn, who initially sparked her interest in wanting to create online video. Tanya admired how Shane, Mac, and Jenn, made her laugh through a computer screen, and she strived to do the same with her viewers.

By the time Tanya was 15, she was anything but an introvert, and ASkylitAvenue was born. She became a YouTuber to inspire others, and uplift their day by making herself relatable. In her inspirational videos, she often encourages her viewers to get out of their comfort zone and explore the world. She is still greatly inspired by her first three YouTubers, but is currently most inspired by Connor Franta and Strawburry17.

The Climb to Fame

On December 24th, 2011, Tanya uploaded her first YouTube video, which was a lip dub to Taylor Swift’s popular track, “Mine.” In March of 2012, where she began to post travel vlogs of herself in San Francisco, New York City, and Disney World. Before 2013, Tanya had less than 200 subscribers and 1,000 views.

During March of 2013, Tanya uploaded The Smoothie Challenge. By June of 2013, the challenge video became viral across YouTube and her views and subscribers have been skyrocketing ever since.

In July of 2013, Tanya hit 1,000 subscribers. The trend continued as she hit the next 1,000th subscriber mark every month. With her channel rapidly growing, Tanya reached 10,000 subscribers in April 2014 and 20,000 subscribers in October 2014.

Tanya has grown a tremendous fan base over the past two years and never fails to respond to them all on her other social media networks.

Rewarding Moments

For some, rewarding moments come from earning thousands of dollars via creating online video. But for Tanya, rewarding moments purely come from inspiring others, and ultimately making them happy; on and off camera.

During Vidcon of 2014 in Los Angeles California, Tanya was offered the opportunity to have an autograph + photograph Meet & Greet with her fans. She was hesitant at first, as she expected less than five hundred people to come to her line. By the end of her three hour Meet & Greet, Tanya had met 7,000 of her viewers from across the globe. A few of the viewers even admittedly confessed that she had saved their life; by simply giving them a reason to smile every day. It was the first time that Tanya had ever felt truly accomplished as an inspirational public figure.

Tanya was also asked to speak on the Kia Main Stage in front of a crowd of 18,000 during Vidcon 2014. After an inspirational speech, a live Q&A, and cracking a few jokes; the cheering and laughs filling the auditorium had fuelled Tanya’s satisfaction.

In early 2015, Tanya was selected out of thousands of YouTubers by John Green, author of The Fault In Our Stars, and co-founder of Vidcon, to speak at a panel alongside four other YouTubers during Vidcon 2015 in July. During the panel, Tanya will talk about her rise to fame, and how to attract an audience in front of 2000 – 4000 people.

ASkylitAvenue with a fan at Vidcon 2014

Instagram Caption of a fan of ASkylitAvenue


For business inquiries only, please e-mail ASkylitAvenue@gmail.com.

To send Tanya fanmail, ship to:


P.O. Box 32086 London Po

Westbank, BC, V4T 3E0



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